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Rated: 4.4 out of 10 with 1,144 votes.
Inspired by classic film noir, "The Poison Rose" stars John Travolta as Carson Phillips, an ex-football star turned PI, who's got a soft spot for a lady in distress. Like the classic tales spun by the masters, he takes on a routine missing persons case which slowly reveals itself to be a complex interwoven web of crimes, suspects and dead bodies. When he discovers his long lost daughter is the number one suspect, he races a ticking clock to save her, solve the murders, and uncover the town's dirty secrets.
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4.4 USA, Italy English IMDb Trailer
Main Actors:
Actor Photo
Brendan Fraser
Leo Searly
Actor Photo
Famke Janssen
Lenore St. John
Actor Photo
Morgan Freeman
Harry Stevenson
Actor Photo
John Travolta
Raymond Cutter
Actor Photo
Peter Stormare
Actor Photo
Robert Patrick
Harry Elliot
Actor Photo
Nick Vallelonga
Directed by:Francesco Cinquemani
Release Date:
Added on:May 25, 2019 (1 month ago)